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Armored CIT

This heavy duty all terrain CIT can withstand the harshest road and weather conditions.

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Armored Land Cruiser 300

An Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has earned its status is the most capable off-road 4×4 vehicles in the world.

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Armored LX 570

Apart from armored safety, LX570 is loaded with ultimate luxury as well as superior off-road mobility and major towing capability.

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Armored Hilux 4X4

The Armored Toyota Hilux 4X4 is a highly dependable vehicle for conquering urban roads as well as challenging off-road conditions.

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Armored Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner is available with armoring protectionfrom ballistic threats on all four sides, roof and the floor are protected with high-quality steel for different armor levels.

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Armored G 63

Armored 360 degrees with superior quality ballistic materials

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Armored Hiace

Our Toyota Hiace is a vehicle armored with a variety of configurations available and can be customized based on customer specifications.

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Armored Prado

Our Toyota Prado is renowned for on-road performance, comfort along with sturdy armored protection.

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Armored Yukon

Secure and brutishly big this armored Yukon will power over any obstacle in your path, leaving them in dust.

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Armored Coaster

Our Armored Toyota Coaster is a commonly used model in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, making it an ideal platform for armored passenger bus conversion.

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Armored Silverado

The armored vehicle Chevrolet Silverado HD pickup truck features heavy-duty capacity combined with a luxurious and comfortable interior.

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Armored Suburban

Our Armored Chevrolet Suburban SUV is unmistakably one of the de facto choices when it comes to armored vehicle purchasing.

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Our Expertise

Standard Vehicle Armoring

We armor all land vehicles on different levels like B4, B6, B7, etc. according to customer's tastes and requirements.

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Armored Personal Carriers

Our Armored Personnel Carriers are built to protect passengers and to defend any threats which maybe from land and air.

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Armored Cash in Transit Vehicles

We produce cash in Transit Armored Vehicles with various armoring levels for institutions like banks, security firms Government Authorities etc.

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Pre Owned Armored Vehicles

We provide quality armoring on used vehicles to help our customers who wish to have economical armored cars or armored vehicles.

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Armored Ambulances

We produce armored Ambulances specially designed and equipped for war front applications.

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Armour Demining Vehicles

Our Demining vehicles are capable to defuse 86% of Land Mines at various terrains.

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Armored Cars

We provide economical armored vehicles such as Pajero, Kia Sportage, MG, Fortuner, etc..

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Armored Vehicles

We armor different construction vehicles and equipment such as JCB, Hitachi, etc to work at war sites.

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Armored Drone Enclosure

Our armor camper vehicles are ideal for troops, officers on duty, War site clinic, AID Post etc.

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Message from the CEO

We take pride in being the biggest vehicle armoring factory having achieved remarkable growth since inception contributing significantly to protect lives. The Company has attained prominence as a leader in the field of vehicle armoring and engineering through competence, competitiveness and timely delivery with highest quality standards and recognized safety performance. We have a long tradition of serving our valued customers to their complete satisfaction through efficient management and excellent workmanship, which we continue to maintain with our untiring efforts.

In an era of advanced technologies and new techniques, we continuously strive for innovation and enhanced efficiency.

Offering services spanning Bulletproof car manufacturing, sales, service and spare parts, Petra Safe Cars Co Ltd is the preferred choice of many clients because of its reliability and commitment to quality and safety.

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What Our Clients Says About Our Top grade Armored Cars

Abdil Yusuf

The Petra armored cars has operated flawlessly in every situation i have used it for. The Chief still gets excited about all the little touches you guys put in to make it truly a life saving, thanks for the continued follow up it says volumes for your customer service!!

Abel Greg

The Armored G63 we used (both on and off road) was the best handling armored car I have ever driven. I was extremely impressed with the quality and performance of the vehicle.

Ibrahim Maasi

Petra Safe Cars is the only Armoring Company that I trust to protect me and my family. A true, personal, custom experience with the finest in the world."


Martin Asogwa

Purchased a Armored Land Cruiser from Petra Safe Cars with some added accessories. Great quality and service. One of the best in the business. Will buy again


I first want to sincerely thank you and extend my deepest appreciation to you on a job well done with the two armored vehicles. I am extremely pleased with the vehicles and they seem to be in great working condition.

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