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We are a team lead by quality professionals as well as ballistic experts with hands-on experience in the armoring industry. At Petra we adopt modern technologies like artificial intelligence, lightweight Polymer technologies, Modern fireproof/ Impact Proof Technologies to ensure you are completely secure in our armored products.

We stipulate internationally tested and approved raw materials as per the quality and safety approved by world-renowned testing labs.

We value your life is as important as ours hence we ensure proven quality standards in each step from vehicle stripping to final wash. We use only quality tester materials like steel, glasses, kevlar, Runflat inserts, Tyres, Gunports, etc. We provide quality certificates for the materials we have used on the vehicles we produce our armor.

We built each and every armored vehicle by foreseeing the toughest conditions it may deal with. Hence in each step of armouring we follow with internationally proven military technology.

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